How to write a book title in an essay

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To begin with, anti-plagiarism can see two types of borrowing:

  • exact copying of the text;
  • indirect reproduction.

In the first case, everything is usually very quickly determined. In the second case, the author can convey other people’s thoughts in his own words. On the Internet, this approach is also called rewriting. In some cases, a qualitative rewriting can be quite difficult to determine by anti-plagiarism.

Whichever of the two types listed above is applied, borrowing is still taking place. Therefore, the citation must be issued appropriately. How to do it? There are two general recommendations:

  • use quotes for copied words and sentences;
  • indication of the source.

One way to specify a source in a document is to make a footnote. For example, it is possible to issue citation correctly in the Word. To do this, select the quote, in the top menu, select “insert,” and then “link,” “footnote.” If necessary, change the parameters and confirm the action. After that, a footnote appears at the bottom of the page, where you can register the source or other desired information.

You can make quotes in this way not only in the Word program but also in OpenOffice Writer. Only the procedure is a little different. In the menu above, you need to select “insert,” then “footnote.” I note that the order of actions may vary depending on the selected text editor and their versions.

If we are talking about the design of quotes on websites, then a special “blockquote” tag can be used. The block of words inside it is usually highlighted and has characteristic indents to the left and to the right.

Check antiplagiarism except for primary sources

At once, I will say that the method described below will be suitable if the search for borrowed words is conducted on publicly accessible sites on the Internet. Such checks are often used by webmasters to analyze articles on uniqueness before publishing or detecting unauthorized copying of content. On their sites or in individual publications there is often a copyright symbol that protects copyright.